“We want our work to reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle. Many clients come with their own creative ideas and we love the challenge of expanding on those ideas by sharing our own knowledge and expertise.”

Boulevard’s design consultation is a time for dreams and visions to be shared. It is here that clients have the opportunity to express their own thoughts, ideas and preferences. It’s also a chance to brainstorm and ask any questions about the process. Collaborating directly in the client’s home allows us to get a real sense of who the client is and how they want to live and how we make that a reality.

Space Planning and General Layout

During the initial phase of the design process, Boulevard works closely with the client, to design each room, including proper dimension, flow, layout and furniture design. Once the layout is agreed upon, we create formal architectural drawings, which are used to prepare a detailed scope of work (including permit requirements) as well as detailed costing for the renovation.

Concept and Design of the Home

Next we address the specific interior finishes and design details for all living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We design every last detail, including cabinetry, electrical layouts and fixtures, plumbing fixtures, interior doors and millwork details, custom glass and stone fabrication.

Final Design and Fulfillment

The final phase focuses on final interior design elements and acquisition of all finishing details. These include colour palette, fabrics, wall coverings, furnishings and window treatment.