With a bachelor of commerce as well as an MBA, Sandra brings over twenty years’ experience directing high-profile creative projects in marketing and communications. Prior to launching Boulevard, she held several senior executive positions with global firms.

Throughout her corporate career, Sandra pursued a parallel path in the design world, developing numerous residential properties. She found that the process of restoring and enhancing her own homes to honour the history and unique qualities of each space fed a strong creative passion.

When she began getting requests for consultations from friends and acquaintances, Sandra decided to follow her heart and make a permanent move to the design world. Her proven business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, along with trust and encouragement from friends and clients, helped her quickly launch her new endeavor.

Sandra’s discriminating eye and intuitive understanding of spatial relationships are balanced with a pragmatic, “business-first” approach that she applies to all projects. Her design philosophy is founded upon enhancing not only the look and functionality, but also the overall value of each space.